Success Stories

Hear from our See Growth Alumni

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Rishi Badola

Emerging Talent Program 2019

1st Rotation: Business/ Finance Analyst, Dallas, U.S.

"I am a huge proponent of interdisciplinary nature of work, and Essilor's ETP turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.


It not only allows me to explore multiple business functions, but also be a part of a global, cross-cultural family where everybody is heard and valued! Ideal place to start off my career."

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Irene Cito

Emerging Talent Program 2019

1st Rotation: Junior Key Account Mgr, Italy

To me Essilor is Innovation. From the product technology point of view, we are for sure the undisputed leader. The research centers we have are a great example of a company that wants to be the pioneer in the industry where it plays.

This has been a great opportunity to talk and listen to major leaders. Not only was it great to understand better the industry, the business needs, the product offers, but also for getting a piece of advice and hints from people with huge background and experiences.

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Maria Pizano

Emerging Talent Program 2019

 1st Rotation: Business Analyst, Miami, U.S. (Latin America)

"Through the SeeGrowth program, Essilor has given me the tools to identify my strengths and develop new skills.


By providing us with personalized resources and opportunities to connect with leaders across the organization, Essilor has given me a chance to nurture relationships and find a career where I can follow my passions and become the leader I want to be."